The Shack Coffee House. Now, here is an event that “ just suits me to a tee” because I cannot really separate my artwork from my faith on any day. 


My church, Walton United, has invited me (and other artists) to show and tell about how faith and the everyday collide to make art. To me, art and faith are really the same thing. The art is just a manifestation and celebration of the wonder of it all and the everyday simply provides me with the setting for all the wonder I could use in a lifetime. Who provides the wonder? You know Who!  I cannot help the artwork and I cannot help the faith. It is just an ongoing circle. Wonder-faith-awe-wonder-art-thanksgiving-inspiration-wonder-faith-art….on it goes. They bubble around, bubble within and bubble-over into all aspects of my life. I cannot say how they are one and the same. However, I know in the deepest part of my soul that they are. Funny - I have rarely met an artist without a deep seeded internal faith. They might not talk about it much, but it seems it is usually there.  It would be hard not to have faith when these creative “miracles” flow from your hands and your mind. Beyond the wonders of the everyday that I feel so compelled to “discuss” with my artmaking, there is the very humble wonder of how in the world do I do this artmaking? This is really the addictive part of making art.  It is like God moving your hand for you. God plunking that idea right in the middle of your forehead for you.  Any Christian knows this feeling whether he is an artmaker or not. God plunks things down in places all day long, in every person’s life. The plunkings are just God’s workings, the Holy Spirit moving like shifting sand, mysteriously making continual deliveries exactly where they are needed. 


I can hardly wait for this event. I think I’ve been plunked upon.