Hello to the world!


This is my very first EVER blog.  Welcome to the launching of this website! If this is my most recent blog, then you are one of my very first viewers! Hope you enjoy looking at my website. I had a lot of fun putting it together. Blogs and websites, I think, kind of suit artists. We love expressing ourselves to the world. A blog is yet another vehicle to do this.  I love creating art, showing art, teaching art and just LOVE talking art. That much I can say for sure! So, let's see where this goes!


I am envisioning this space to be pretty free-formed. When the Spirit moves me, I will dash off something that is exclusively blog-fare. But, since blogging and artist’s statements, and commentary on artwork, or a teacher’s explanations on technique are all so similar, I am thinking I will use this part of my website to archive things I write or have written on other pages or at different times for different things. Thus: “Kathy’s Blogandorarchive” is born. Welcome to my world, world! Hope you enjoy every stay!