I am glad to say that I am finished painting, "Intimate Canopy, Gull River". This has been a wonderful challenge, and is the quintessential subject-matter for glaze oils. I was able to have a field day with the colour qualities that can be so wonderfully manipulated with glazing. Some colours called for a rich and glowing hardness and others ever so subtle echelons of diffused softness.

I find shards of light within water a transfixing thing to watch. I could sit by the water and watch them all day (and, actually, I have - many times). I love their lightning rhythm, dancing light and incredibly diverse and beautiful morphing shapes. They fill my heart with awe, delight and a profound peace. I have wanted all my life to "catch" them both with my eyes and with paint.

Transfixing Intimate Canopy, Gull River.jpg

If you are interested in purchasing "Intimate Canopy, Gull River", you can contact me here through my website. It is 36"x36", glaze oil on a gallery canvas.