This is one of my favourite new paintings that is in my current solo show at Art@231 Gallery on James Street North, in Hamilton. It is called "The Beech at Boshkung, Gull River". The Beech River is part of the "umbrella" river system of the Gull River (it is listed as Beech River on some maps and the Gull River on others). The Gull winds down between a whole series of lakes in Haliburton, starting around Haliburton Lake, near Haliburton Village, and ending at Moore Lake, south of Minden.

The "Beech" portion is magical, beyond magical. When you bother finding your way  down to its banks, it rewards you with something that could be described in one of those books about after-life experiences by people that have near death experiences. It is nothing short of shear rapture. It is untouched by human hand and is a micro-wonder-world of lushness, glittering rawness and spellbinding complexity. It is a favourite place of mine.  This painting was pure delight to paint.

Hope you come to see it. Here is an invitation to my show: