I was bumping along, minding my own business, painting, teaching and gardening; out of the blue (actually the internet), I received a message from John Cinquemanati from Art at 231 Gallery on James St. North in Hamilton. They found my work, after one of their artists, Anne More, had told them about me. That was May 11. It is now June 4, and I am ready to hang a SOLO SHOW, ”Summer Reflections”, on Sunday, with 20 to 22 works, prepped and ready. Some were done; some were not. I can’t complain about midnight oil. My adrenalin helped me right through it! I buzzed along as if there was no problem or no time crunch. Just give me any excuse to paint day and night – I will take it with joy. I am making last minute refinements, doing photo-documentation, prepping my jpgs for the exhibition catalog and sorting out my invitation list (If you want to be on it - LET ME KNOW!).  Sunday, I will go to Hamilton, and pack out my bounty of works, huge and small, from 4x5’ to 8x10”.  Then, I will breath again, and rest up for the events - the Art Crawl on the following Friday, and the artist’s opening, the following Friday. I should be tired. But, I am just excited.