Fractals art water painting experience Gull River God oil Renaissance mystic

Fractals. I work to see the shapes within shapes. I see them and then refine the shapes in my painting to match. The "fractals" then mysteriously present another shape that overlaps or intertwines in another way. I finesse my paint to bring out this next gift of sight. Immediately another shape comes into consciousness. They interweave like a three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle. The wonder of the physics in nature that puts this all together for my eyes… I am witness to unending miracles of shapes, sizes, organisms, light dancing on or through mass or liquid or air. I am witness. I am so blessed to be witness. I feel like I am looking through a crack in the door of a magical kingdom. Just a peek – that’s all I get. Yet it is enough to sustain me and fill me with an inexplicable peace and all-encompassing awe. Enough it would seem to fill  a whole lifetime - each time I peek. There is magic in looking and working hard to see the fractals. The shapes are all connected and interwoven and morph back and forth, from one to another, bowing in, bowing out, like proud apparitions that know their own beauty. Everything is connected and interwoven. We are all connected and interwoven. We are part of one BIG fractal. I love, love LOVE finding the fractals within fractals within God's omniscient reach. It is my research that never, ever ends.