Whoever 'likes' this post will be given an artist and has to post a piece by that artist, along with this message, the idea is to occupy Facebook with art, breaking up all the political posts! Thank you Wayne Moore, for assigning me Ted Godwin!  I was unfamiliar with Ted’s work, so I googled him. I was delighted to have been greeted on the screen by this painting:

Ted Godwin, Canadian landscape, ponds, Autumn, Thanksgiving

I think it is called “Small Cove”, and is at Wallace Gallery in Calgary, AB.

Seeing this visual feast was wonderful to behold. I love the complexity of this landscape. Because it is so integrated, it does not overwhelm my vision; instead, it engages it. This is a difficult and fastidious task to embark upon, when an artist takes on such subjects. It is like riding a bucking bronco. You are always on the edge of “pulling it off”. Finally, if you are lucky, you do. But it has taken all you’ve got. But what results! I could look at this painting all day. It is in the same way that I could look all day if discovering this pond in nature. It gives the same sense of splendour, wonder and enchantment.

And this is not all the latitude Ted Godwin had! You should see the rest of his work! There are two more that I cut and pasted below.

Ted Godwin just died in 2013. He was a contemporary of my parents. When I look at his larger body of work, it reminds me of my parents who were both artists. His work is different from theirs, but just as you can look at old photos of other people’s families and it reminds them of your own times, you can look at old artistic paths of those of the same eras and see similarities. It was very interesting.

Ted Godwin is an accomplished and much acclaimed Canadian artist, whom I had never heard of. I am quite glad that Wayne Moore assigned him to me, and that I got to share this wonderful painting and discover the work of this artist.

Here are two more that show both his latitude and why his path reminds me of my parents – especially my dad.

Ted Godwin, Gathering, 1957, Abstract, Abstraction
Ted Godwin, Dragon Party Time, 1961, abstraction, Canadian

All these works can be found at Wallace Gallery in Calgary, Alberta.