In Situ 2018 Multi Arts Festival

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The night is lit up with perpetual cultural happenings, singers, dancers, painters, mime, rap, live bands, interactive installations and crazy skateboarders! Here, we are, the Canadian Glaze Oil Society, live painting works about the ‘Frog In Hand” Dance Troop - also performing each night. Behind us, behind the spectacular old windows, outside, is a huge installation. CGOS members Cathy  Jackman Griggs and PJ Bell also have huge installations (Cathy's is an outdoor sculptural work with canoes, and Pam's is part of the Morphology Project - huge projected photography presentation. This place is BUZZING!

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What a spectacle! You just wouldn’t believe how fantastic this is! For the arts, it a brand new concept! The public can see the full spectrum of arts, all working together. The breath of talent presented at this incredible historic building is enough to take your breath away. I feel exceeding honoured to be any part of this phenomena that is happening in Mississauga!

There is one more night of In Situ Multi Arts Festival 2018! See you Saturday November 10, 7pm- 11-pm at 1352 Lakeshore Road East, Mississauga. Tickets:

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